Everyone knows that the best way to grow your business is to make yourself visible to more people.  One of the best ways to highten your businesses visibility is to open new locations.

However, as with any other business venture, there are a lot of 'how's' and 'what if's' involved.

In an ideal environment, the best place to open a new office or store would be in a high-traffic area with excellent visibility.

Furthermore, it would be very beneficial if you could have some means of standing out from your competitors to attract more visitors to you.  You could pay someone to stand on the side of the road, or put up a flashy video billboard, telling people what you do and how great you are.

If money were no object, you could really go all out and also mount TV screens and posters in your windows, and put your glossy brochure in an easily accessible box outside.

All of this would obviously raise visitor curiosity and create an attraction to you, which is imperative right now if your business has many competitors.

Of course, the cost for such diverse advertising media requires a much larger budget than most smaller companies have.

This is why the Internet is the perfect medium for a business to reach out and increase visibility without breaking the bank.

Online you can place almost infinite  information about your company, including photos and videos. You can send out newsletters or write Blogs to keep people interested, all for much less than the lease deposit on a small store or office.

Furthermore, by maximizing newer technologies you can obtain excellent search engine results, leading everyone out there looking for your service right to you.

If you are ready to grow your business, now is definitely the time to research new web technologies such as our own WebUpdate Site Management systems. These have many advanced features designed to give your  business the best competitive edge online.


 'We have had our WebUpdate site since 2004.  
The system is very easy to manage, even when
I'm out of town or away from the office, I can
update the site in minutes with text and photos.  
The number of hits and inquiries because of
the search engine results have been amazing. 
We have out of town clients who we never meet face
to face until their event.  After viewing our web site, they
reserve our services.  I highly recommend this system to any company.'

   - Ann Christie
Grand Affairs Catering


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