What is First Page Positioning?

First Pagetm is our search engine optimization (SEO) and positioning system, which uses automated search engine marketing techniques to generate consistent first page, often first place search engine placement. 
First Page tm Search Engine Optimization comes as standard on several of our WebUpdatetm range of Professional Content Managed Web Sites.  Because the First Pagetm search engine positioning system is extremely complex,  it is not compatible with pre-existing sites.

The First Page Search Engine Optimization  and positioning system is maintained free of charge for 6 months to 1 year..  After that, maintenance only costs about as much as a cellphone line!

This technology eliminates the need to pay a Search Engine Advertising and Optimization company up to $5,000 a month to submit your site to Search Engines. 

You can also get first page search engine positioning without having to use ’Pay-per-Click’ Search Engine Marketing or advertising (costing thousands of dollars a year). 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We use ethical Search Engine Optimization practices - We do not use ’Black Hat’ SEO techniques such as hidden text, pages and links.  Search engines frown upon these, and they harm your site’s rankings and reputation.  Our system works within Search Engine guidelines and rules, giving much better results.

If your company is paying for Google Adwords,
or other pay-per-click advertising,
just think how much you can save each year!


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