Back up your data

Even we who work on the Internet and have several levels of security have learned the hard way that malicious sources such as viruses and malware can wipe out thousands of files if not discovered quickly enough.

When it comes to data backup, be paranoid. Even if you rarely go online other things like hard drive failure or sudden power surge can cost you dearly.  Unfortunately, it isn't until such events occur that you realize just how much there was on that hard drive that you relied upon.

Most newer computers have CD/DVD writers. If you are using Windows XP or Vista you can back up data to writable CDs or DVDs very cheaply.  I would advise buying name brand discs like Sony or Memorex.

If you are a limited computer user, most of your data, photos, music and documents, will be in your My Documents folder.    Almost all software programs such as your Email or Quickbooks allow you back up data by clicking 'tools' and  'Export.'  All you need to do is to make sure that the backup file goes into 'My Documents' and it will be  there ready for you to backup.

When you put a blank CD or DVD into the drive a window will pop up. Select 'open writable CD folder.'  In the window that opens, click 'folders' at the top, and drag your My Documents folder from the left window to the right empty window.

When the files have finished copying, just  click 'file' and 'write these files to CD.' When the backup has finished, put the disk somewhere safe. Remember to label the disc using a soft felt pen, not ballpoint or pencil.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this would be a perfect time to research newer Web technologies such as our own WebUpdate4 system, which includes many advanced features designed to give your business the best competitive edge online.


Tidewater Yacht Marina

'We got WebUpdate last year, in time for our season, and it's working really well for us.  Internet Marketing and Design was just wonderful - so patient with setting up the site and training us. 
 It's just so easy to use.  We have an online newsletter and can update information like weather reports, bridge openings, tide schedules, coming events and specials, in minutes right here in our office.  
  The bonus is, of course, that we can easily track everything on our website. 
 It's nothing like our first website.  It's just an incredible difference and it's really helped our business,'

- Wendy Vaughn

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