It's very easy to get carried away!

One discussion we often have early on with our  clients is keeping the site's 'bells and whistles' within controllable levels to avoid losing potential business.

In this area, thanks mostly to the constant improvements by cable and phone companies, we are spoiled as far as connection speeds go.  It is easy to overlook that a significant number of your prospective visitors, especially in more rural areas, such as North Carolina, and only a few miles west of Hampton Roads, probably still rely on good old-fashioned dial-up.

When you are commissioning a web site, such 'lowest common denominators' as connection speeds, and screen resolutions,  have to be a strong consideration if your site is to reach it's full visitor potential.

Your business type often also plays a major part in this decision.  If, for example,  you are selling tractor parts, there is a strong possibility that your visitors will be from rural areas, so a 'Flash' driven site with music, slideshows and dancing ferrets will probably turn visitors away because they don't want to wait minutes for each page to load.

Also, on a side note, Search Engines can't see Adobe Flash, so such sites also obtain limited search results. Just as with a poorly designed and coded site, a site which goes too high-tech can also push people away. How can you prevent this? When your site is being developed, check it out using a dial up connection.  NetZero: offers 10 hours free access a month, more than enough for testing. Ideally, your site should load in no more than 45 seconds to be sure of keeping valuable, but slower visitors.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, now is the time to research newer web technologies, such as our own WebUpdate4 system, which includes many advanced features designed to give your business the best competitive edge online.


Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and
Plastic Surgery

 'Our site works as well for us today as it did when we launched it in 2004. 
  The ability to update on a daily basis is key in  today 's changing environment.   
  Recently , we were even able to add video testimonials to our site with a little help from Terry.   We have had a wonderful working relationship
with Internet Marketing and Design and would highly recommend them!'

  - Deb,  Office Manager
Chesapeake Center
for Cosmetic and
Plastic Surgery.

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