Spend your quarantine time expanding your business

When 2020 began nobody could have forseen how things have gone.

With people being ordered to stay indoors, businesses closing their offices and working from home, and people just self-quarantining, it seems that a lot of our normal daily working lives have slowed right down.

As long as your business can survive the shutdown, this is a perfect time to learn and add new things to increase your business offerings, so that when it is all over, you have a great chance going forward.

This is even more beneficial if you know that some of your competitors may be either not coming back at all, or coming back weaker, with fewer employees and restricted capabilities.
Such a downtime in the web business came right after 9-11. From 2002 to 2004, things were really slow online, with a lot of people and businesses seemingly holding their breaths.
Luckily, because we did other things than just web, such as video, music, and smaller design jobs, we were able to weather those times, all while watching our competitors, even some very large ones, closing their doors.
Because we knew this was going to knock out several competitors, we used the downtime for what had been the most benefit ever since. We began development on the WebUpdate range of content managed websites.
These sites were some of the very first sites in the world that clients could edit themselves, without having to pay a web designer every time they wanted to change a photo, or add a new team member.
There was also a lot of time spent coding in our FirstPage SEO system, which gave our clients amazing search engine results. To this day, FirstPage does things that no other websites in the world can do.
As that decision turned out, when things picked up again, we had lost a lot of our competitors, and now had something that put us ahead of the remaining businesses, both in capabilities and in the search results.

I'm sure that almost any business could benefit from similar proactive operations, such as learning new methods of doing things, updating qualifications, training employees or adding new features or services.

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