How difficult is it?

Recently I have heard concerns from prospective clients about managing and updating their web sites.

This is a complete reversal from 10-15 years ago, when our clients wanted regular changes, but didn't want to have to pay for them, and wait, every time that they wanted some text, photo, or ad special swapped out.

Wondering what could have changed, I asked these people what their concerns were.  The result was that they thought updating and managing their site would be too complicated and overwhelming.

In these cases, they have all used WordPress or a similar program to manage their site. Because WordPress was created to be everything to everyone, it can contain many features that the owner will never use.

These extra features lead to a much more complicated and confusing interface, especially if the template that the designer or client chose came with extra plug-ins that are irrelevant to the client's business and just get in the way.  For example, a realtor template with MLS features, mortgage calculators and realtor information pages might be used by a commercial construction company that doesn't need all of those built-in extra features.

Our clients can make changes
to their sites in seconds from anywhere.

This is why we created our WebUpdate system, which has been used by many companies in various industries for over 15 years. None of our clients have ever had a problem updating their site, regardless of their technical ability, or lack thereof.
Our WebUpdate sites were designed with ease of use as a primary objective.  They are created on a per-client basis. This means that all of the items in the Admin Panel are things that the clients have asked for. The end result is that our clients know what each thing does because it relates to their own business model. 

This lack of bloat makes the WebUpdate control panel much faster and more intuitive to use.  Our clients can make changes to their sites in seconds from anywhere. This update ability is a great time saver, especially for a fast-changing business. The client doesn't have to call or send an email to us and wait for us to make the changes. They can just log in and change the information themselves.

Another advantage is that the clients can see their visitor traffic, including where people came from, what search engine, and even what search words were used.  They can see their keywords and even compare them to their competitor's sites.

If you have concerns with your website, now is the time to look into our WebUpdate system sites. Not Open Source, they take advantage of advanced security, SEO, social, and responsive features to give your business the best competitive edge online.   

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