Commissioning a web site is an important decision for business owners. As with any decision, from finding a store to printing a brochure, the wrong choice can have serious affects on the flow, image and future of your business.


It seems that everyone either is, or knows someone who is, a web designer.

In an effort to have a web presence, business owners feel pressured to find someone, anyone, to build them a site.

They end up settling with the first person they come across who says they can do the job. The resulting site often leaves them disappointed.

I am continually amazed at the people who call us who haven't even looked through our portfolio to see the quality of work we do.

I strongly suggest that you check out the work
of your potential web developer before you hire
them to do your site. - Terry Young

Make sure they can do what they say they can and that their work is good. Your business's image will be in their hands.

Web sites mostly fall into two categories; 'Brochure sites,' which is exactly as it sounds, an online brochure of your products and services, and 'E-Commerce,' where you wish to directly sell a product or service over the internet.

Despite a great deal of technical difference between the two, they both still rely on the same three basic internet 'rules.'

Design - an attractive design is essential;

This cannot be stressed enough. On the internet there are thousands of other people offering the same as you, so your first impression is even more crucial than in a print brochure. This single element can decide whether a prospective client stays or clicks away. This is also where functionality issues play a critical role.

Functionality - a.k.a. 'user friendliness.'

This goes hand in hand with the design, yet is its own discipline. When a site is being designed, it has to be created with the majority of the viewing public in mind. If any elements on a site are confusing, take a long time to load, are missing, or do not function correctly, again the user will leave. There are literally dozens of things a professional developer has to take into consideration at this stage.

Search Accessibility -

The ever-dreaded search engines. The most amazing site on the planet is worthless if nobody can find it. Searches are a rule unto themselves, and it can be a full time job learning this week's latest variations and submission rules. However, it is something you need to keep up with.

ALL the above have to work together if a website is to become successful. Whether you are looking to develop a new website or revamp an existing one, we can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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